Pirates Adventure & Reloaded

Immerse yourself into the wonders of the number one show in Mallorca – Pirates Adventure!!

A truly breathtaking & captivating experience, this show is simply not to be missed whilst you are here on this beautiful island! Pirates Adventure combines mind boggling world-class acrobatics & dancing, a fun, family-friendly storyline that spans across the seven seas, jaw dropping entertainment and comedy for all the ages! Indulge in a pirates feast on deck before the show and then wash it down with unlimited soft drinks, beer & sangria!!

This interactive show has four seating categories suitable for all budgets – you’re never too far away from the heat of the fire, the swish of the swords & the roar of the pirates flying above your head…over 3 million visitors can’t be wrong can they?!

Be sure to cheer for your captains as they battle the infamous Jacques Lafitte in an epic battle amidst an evening of unforgettable memories! Led by Sir Henry Morgan, the team of Captain Scarlet, Sir Francis Drake, Barbarossa & Blackbeard fight their way around the globe in order to win back the treasure for you!

If you like the sound of this but would rather be a drunken sailor yourself then never fear we have just the thing for you! PIRATES RELOADED 🔞

A swashbuckling evening of uncut, adult only, unlimited drinking debauchery and a no-holds-barred performance! Innuendos galore, raunchy, adrenaline packed & guaranteed the best night of your holiday – what more do you want?!

Dance on the tables, enjoy the live DJ sets & take in the most unique evening in Mallorca – high octane, electric atmosphere & exhilarating entertainment from start to finish!

You can choose between your Main deck, Quarter Deck or VIP Captains table seating depending on your budget and what you want included for the night.

You simply cannot leave Mallorca until you get RELOADED!! 🏴‍☠