Palma Aquarium

Palma is famous for many things. It’s beautiful cathedral, picturesque cobbled streets and also it’s huge Aquarium.

With almost 10,000 species of fish, birds, mammals and corals from all over the globe it is the most visited park here on the island. With the species split into different zones, it can show you the differences in the  wildlife as you travel around the world.

As you walk around the Aquarium, the soothing music will keep you relaxed as you take in all of the beautiful sights of the wildlife around you. Enjoy the many interactive touch screens where you can learn lots of new things along the way; perfect for both kids and adults! 

You will begin your journey through the different seas, starting off with the Mediterranean. View such spectacular species such as hermit crabs, star fish, sting rays and sea cucumbers, many of which are placed into a touch-pool, so you can dip your hand in to touch them and get a real experience of understanding the creatures.

You will then move on to the Tropical seas area, full of beautiful, brightly coloured fish. Watch the Clownfish swim about their anemone, see the dreaded Lionfish (the most venomous fish on Earth) or admire the tiny Mandarin fish, one of the most colourful and delicate fishes found in the tropical waters.

Outside in the Mediterranean Gardens you will find many exhibitions such as turtles, rays, carps and even sharks!!  Why not take time out to feed the Koi fish?! Feeding time is not to be missed, so a top tip when you arrive that day is to take a note of the times at the entrance so you don’t miss out. There is also a huge play area around the gardens which will keep the kids entertained whilst you grab a spot of lunch at the self service restaurant; great meal deals at a very reasonable price.

As you leave the gardens you enter the Jungle, which is like stepping into the Amazonian Rainforest with its 7 metre high waterfall. Enjoy a stroll around and encounter different plants, birds and…Piranhas!!!

The main feature of the Aquarium is the Big Blue zone. With a tank which holds 3.5 million litres of salt water and is 8.5m deep, this is one of the deepest shark tanks in Europe!! It is home to over 11 shark species and thousands of other marine life.

To get a better look at the sharks, jump on board the Shark Vision Boat. With it’s glass bottom you can glide across the 33 metre-long tank whilst these majestic creatures swim by and below you. An added feature is the Nautilus Park, a giant indoor play area to get the kids out of the sun and have some fun.

NEW for this summer…’Whales’ – a magical 3D experience to learn about the gentle giants of the sea.

Palma Aquarium also like to educate people with their Palma Aquarium Foundation, a non-profit organisation working to improve the conservation and protection of marine habitats in their flora and fauna as well as spread awareness of the vital relationship between humans and the oceans. They also have a rescue centre, formed in 2014, which coordinates the rescue and rehabilitation to protect marine animals in the Balearics.

To save you the stress of getting to Palma there is a FREE BUS which runs every day, meaning you can fit in your visit to the Aquarium easily.

So whether the kids want to try and find Nemo & Dory or you want a relaxing day out, PALMA AQUARIUM is definitely worth a visit.