Marineland Mallorca

If you love sea life then you’ll love Marineland. With its mixture of marine animals, birds, reptiles and hilarious and spectacular shows, this marine zoo park promises to be a great day out.

Situated in the area of Portals Nous, where the rich and famous go to dock their yachts, there are many animals and attractions to see, keeping both adults and children entertained for a good 4 or 5 hours.

The park is home to a range of different birds, such as cheeky and brightly coloured parrots & flamingos and fluffy Humboldt penguins which are native to South America. An aviary has also recently been built which houses lots of smaller, colourful birds – try and dodge them as they fly about your head!

Watch the seals swim about their pool or proudly perch on their rock or visit the stingray pool where you can touch them to see what they actually feel like. Then pay a visit to the ‘Tropical House’ if you dare – it is home to such tropical climate animals such as iguanas, snakes, poison dart frogs and spiders…and to cool your nerves, cheeky tamarin monkeys!!

Visit the aquarium inside the park, and come face to face with sharks in the deep blue! There are three different zones inside the aquarium: The freshwater zone, which houses piranhas, guppies and tiny neon coloured fishes. The seawater aquarium, which is home to blacktip reef sharks, venomous scorpion fish, small clown fish and the chilled out sea turtle and the Mediterranean zone, which holds stingrays, manta rays, guitar fish and different types of sea bass…a perfect example of the animals that live together in our waters.

No trip to the park is complete without seeing the live animal shows. Showing twice a day are the adorable sea lion and dolphin shows. Watch in awe as they jump through hoops, somersault into the air and fall in love with their cheekiness. If your visit is for a special occasion, there is an option to request that any child that is with you can participate in the show by getting into a small boat in the dolphin pool, and being pulled around the water by the dolphins!! A truly magical experience.

Let the kids cool down on a hot day by letting them play in the splash park, complete with water fountains and slides then indulge in a spot of tasty lunch in the self-service restaurant or pizzeria, whilst relaxing and overlooking the beach area situated behind the park – relaxation heaven! If you find you have time before or after your trip to Marineland, why not pay a visit to the beach, or take a 5 minute walk into the harbour area of Portals Nous to see the yachts and the classy bars and restaurants and see how the other half live!!

For an extra cost, the park offers a 45 minute ‘Dolphin Encounter’ which lets guests spend more time with the dolphins to be able to learn about their lives, habits and biology.  In small groups, listen to the trainers as they explain the training techniques used and even participate in some of the exercises with the dolphins! Veterinary care is explained, as well as biological aspects such as the difference between a male and a female, how they sleep, how they recognise each other… and many other interesting things about dolphins’ lives. The whole encounter is very interactive and entertaining and you have the chance to get your own photo taken posing with the dolphins.

Before you leave the park, visit the souvenir shop on the way out and buy some goodies that will always remind you of the wonderful memories you have just made.