Magaluf top tips

Freestyle Mallorca has put together a list of tips for whilst you are here in Magaluf which includes all the useful information you may wish to know

Plan your Holiday before

The best thing to do before coming on holiday is to plan. Decide what you want to do and what you want to see or visit whilst you’re here. Buying your tickets online before you travel saves you money and will help you budget for your holiday. 

Get a Freestyle Mallorca Rep

When you arrive in resort, head to our main office which is located right in front of the Katmandu upside-down house. Here you will find our Freestyle Reps who will be happy to help you with any tickets or information you require.

Illegal street sellers

When you are in Magaluf be careful where you buy your tickets if you haven’t already brought them online. There are a lot of illegal sellers that sell overpriced and even fake tickets on the streets. Come see us at our Freestyle stands to get the official events tickets at the best prices.

Stay Together

When travelling with a large group of friends it can be hard to all stay together. When drinking is involved on holiday the best thing to do is to stay in a pairs and always stick together. Try to make sure that you don’t wander off by yourself.

Where you fly into

You will fly into Palma airport (PMI) which is about 30- 40 minutes drive from Magaluf. 

Taxi’s and Transfers

If you haven’t booked a transfer then you can do this now here on our website. Freestyle Mallorca can arrange the transfer to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel. A shuttle transfer is 15 Euros per person, each way. You can also get a taxi from the airport which is around 40 – 50 Euros each way. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is recommended and most package holiday providers state that all passengers must have the correct type of travel insurance before they go on holiday. Please ensure that you are covered for illness & injury whilst abroad, theft and also cancellation of your holiday.

Ehic Card

All UK residents can apply for an EHIC card free of charge and it is important that you bring with you on holiday. This enables you to receive state provided medical care during a temporary sty in a European country. Please also ensure however that you take out the proper travel insurance so that you are fully covered.


We recommend that you pay the deposit and extra charge in to get a safe in your hotel room. You can then keep your money, passport and anything else valuable safe & secure. 


The languages spoken in Mallorca are Spanish & Catalan.

Look after yourself

The weather can be extremely hot during the summer months so make sure you drink enough water, however do not drink the tap water as it has a high mineral content and can make you ill.

Pace yourself

Magaluf can be full on so try and pace yourself when out drinking. If you drink too much this could be dangerous or could ruin your holiday.


Always make sure you wear sun cream here in Magaluf. Sun burn is painful and can also lead to further health issues so make sure you are fully protected when outdoors.

Time Zone

Mallorca is 1 hour ahead of the U.K so remember when you land to set your phones and watches to correct time.

Currency Rate

In Mallorca, the currency is euros. You can change money in the U.K or in our main office here in resort.

Dont go skinny dipping at night

Freestyle Mallorca strongly advise against going onto the beaches at night, especially if you re planning to go skinny dipping. There have been a few instances where tourist’s belongings have been stolen.

Tourist Tax

Spanish authorities have introduced a new tax. From 1st May 2018 customers visiting the Balearics (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) will be required to pay a Sustainable Tourism Tax. The amount of the tax depends on the Star rating of yourhotel, and will range from €1 – €4 per person per day (+ VAT). Children under age of 16 are exempt from the tax and long term holiday makers will have a 50% discount on the tax from the ninth day of their stay. In low season (November 1st – April 30th), there will be a 50 % discount. The tax will be collected by the hotel or apartment during your stay; please ensure you have sufficient funds with you to pay this tax.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers – 112 

Policia Local – 092 

Guardia Civil – 062 

Ambulance – 061 

Hopsital Son Espases – 0034 871 205 000