How much money should you bring on your holiday..

We want to make sure you budget yourself with enough money for your holiday here in Mallorca so if it’s your first time visiting the island or even your first holiday abroad let Freestyle Mallorca advise you.

Working out how much money you need to bring on your holiday to Magaluf can be a tough subject if you are travelling in a large group and/or with friends. Your budget will depend on what you’re looking to get from your holiday. Firstly let’s quash any rumours that you will be able to have a night out on a fiver, although there are some great deals to be found here in Magaluf you will need more than just 5 Euros for a night out in resort! As rough guide we would advise around €50 per day to make sure you are going to have a great holiday however this of course would be dependant on your board basis with the accommodation you have booked. It also really pays to plan your holiday in advance and decide what events & activities you want to do here in resort before you travel so you know how much you will need to budget for what you’re going to be getting up whilst on your holiday. Take a look at our events page to see the amazing events available throughout the summer. We also offer a range of fantastic events packages that are exclusively available online and offer great discounts on the biggest and most popular events on the island!

When looking at how to bring your money over, Freestyle Mallorca recommends you bring over some of your money in sterling and exchange it in resort as you will get a much better rate. There are lots of money exchange shops in the Magaluf and Palma Nova area and our main shop is one of them so shop around for the best exchange rate.

Although we recommend bringing mainly cash, always make sure you have a card with you for emergencies. Another option you have in case of an emergency is the Western Union which we recommend familiarising yourself with if this is a process you think is an option for you.

Here is a guideline below with what to bring :

100 – 200 euros

Bringing 100 – 200 euros is not enough money to bring with you on holiday of you are staying in the resort for more than 3 or 4 nights. If you are staying for 7 nights and are all inclusive in your hotel then you might be able to get by however this would put you on a very tight budget. Save yourself the hassle and budget yourself well and be realistic. Remember you can always bring money back if you take too much.

200 – 300 euros

Again, this is still a low amount to bring on holiday if you are staying in the resort for more than 5 nights. When staying in an all inclusive hotel this may be enough however if you are self catering or bed & breakfast only you will most likely spend 250 Euros at least on food & drinks, this does not leave you with enough money for the big events or nights out in resort. By booking your events online before going on holiday you will get the cheapest prices possible and will also enable you to budget properly for your holiday.

300 – 400 euros

300 – 400 euros is a good amount to bring, you have enough money to purchase any event you want to be part of  and also have a little extra to pay for any other nights out in resort. Again, Freestyle Mallorca recommends that you plan which events you want to do before you travel and book online so that you can budget properly.

400 – 500 euros

400 – 500 Euros is the average amount people bring on holiday when they are staying for 7 nights. If you have  All-Inclusive accommodation booked then you will have enough to purchase your events as well as any extras you may need.  If you have booked self catering then you should also be fine with bringing this amount. Most holiday-makers like to budget themselves around 100 Euros per a day after purchasing their events online.

500 – 600 euros

Whether you have booked all inclusive or self catering, this amount is more than enough if you are staying for 7 nights. This budget will cover all areas such as events, drinks and food.

700 euros +

700 + Euros is a great amount if you are staying in resort for 7 nights and will mean that you will have stress free holiday. Let’s be honest nobody wants to go on holiday and have a tight budget so plan your holiday wisely and ensure that you save enough for your spending requirements.