Plan your Holiday before

Best thing to do before coming on holiday is to plan, plan what you want to do and what you want to see/visit. Buying your tickets online before gives you more money when you arrive.

Get a Freestyle Mallorca Rep

When you arrive in resort head down to our main office which is located right in front of the Katmandu upside down house. There is always a Freestyle Mallorca Rep there, then you have a point of contact if anything goes wrong.

Travel Insurance

The best thing to do is to book some sort of travel insurance to cover yourself whilst aboard. If anything happens and you have travel insurance you will save yourself over 1000 euros.

Ehic Card

Everyone that lives in the UK has an Ehic card this is important to bring with you. This covers you for the spanish national health for doctors and hospitals.


Always make sure you wear suncream in Magaluf. You dont realise how much you can catch the sun when walking around with no cream on.. trust us the bright red look is not a good look!

Time zone

Mallorca is 1 hour ahead the english time so remember when you land to set your phones and watches to correct time.

Baby Products

Even though Mallorca has shops that sell baby products you might not find the exact brand you use. Always bring extra

English Doctors

There is lots of english doctors here in Mallorca. All you need to bring with you is your travel insurance and they can then assist you.

Where you fly into

You fly into Palma airport (PMI) which is about 30- 40 minutes away from Magaluf. 




Taxi´s and Transfers

If you havent booked a transfer you can on our website and Freestyle Mallorca can arrange the transfer to pick you up from the airport and take you back. A transfer is 15 euros each way. You can always get a taxi from the airport which is around 40 - 50 euro mark. 


In your hotel make sure you pay extra to get a safe. Then you can keep your money, passport or anything important you want to keep safe. 


The language spoken in Mallorca is spainish but majority speak english.

Currency Rate

In Mallorca / Magaluf we use euros. You can change money in the uk or in our main office here in Magaluf.

Bank Cards

Remember to always call your bank before coming to Mallorca as sometimes they can block your card if you have not told them. Also here in Mallorca they dont do cash back.

Tourist Tax

A new law has been placed in Mallorca where you have to pay a tourist tax when you arrive at your hotel. The hotel will tell you how much and the tourist tax is per a day of your stay. Depending on your hotel and star rating will depend on how much you pay.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers - 112 

Policia Local - 092 

Guardia Civil - 062 

Ambulance - 061 

Hopsital Son Espases - 0034 871 205 000