Caves of Drach

Do not miss your opportunity to explore one of Mallorca’s top tourist attractions.

Available in both a half-day trip or a full day trip and perfect for everyone of all ages looking to explore Mallorca’s beauty and history.

You will begin your journey to the East of the Island where you will arrive in a small picturesque fishing village named Porto Cristo, where the out-of-this-world Caves of Drach (“dragon caves”) are situated.

The caves were formed millions of years ago with the water pressure from the Mediterranean sea and are comprised of four gigantic caves full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites. The four caves; black cave, white cave, cave of Luis Salvador and Cave of the French are all connected to each other. The caves extend to a depth of 25m and reach approximately 4km in length.

Once you have made the 25m descent into the deep abyss you will enjoy a guided walking tour whilst taking in all the history and breathtaking beauty the caves have to offer.

Halfway through you will reach the most beautiful part of the attraction; Lake Martel, Europe’s largest underground lake. Stretching out at 115m in length and 30m in width, the lakes depth varies between an impressive four and twelve metres. The lake is named after it’s discoverer, Edouard-Alfred Martel who is considered the founder of the study of caves.

Enjoy a unique musical phenomenon of a small orchestra synchronised with a magnificent light show. The performance takes place on small rowing boats across Lake Martel, with the melodies of the lights, water and music all synchronising into a perfect harmony.

Finish your trip to the East with a stop in a small neighbouring town called Manacor to visit their infamous pearl factory and experience the production of the pearls. There is also time to visit their shop, which spans two floor levels. If the pearl factory isn’t for you, at this point you are located 5 minutes walk from Porto Cristo, home of the caves, which is perfect for a bathe in the crystal clear water or to try a typical Spanish dish.

Worth knowing:

Return transport is included.

Photography and videos are permitted during the tour (flash not allowed). There are cafe’s/deli’s and a souvenir shop located outside the caves and also picnic areas to enjoy a refreshing ice cream in the glorious sunshine.